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Position: Network Promotion/Operations/Sales
1. Female, college degree or above, major in marketing <electronic commerce>;
2. More than 2 years of work experience, familiar with the application of various office software;
3. Familiar with the operation of major B2B and B2C platforms, and have unique insights into online sales;
4. Know how to use search engines, blogs, forums and other promotion methods to carry out promotion work;
5. Strong online communication skills, affinity and good language skills, good at handling customer relationships;

Job Description:
1. College degree or above; network work experience is preferred.
2. Familiar with Alibaba website and other online platform marketing, background management, product optimization and product promotion.
3, SEO optimizer Manage and publish website news, products, articles and other information to improve the ranking of the website.
4. Have strong learning ability, good psychological quality, flexibility and teamwork spirit;
5. The company has a long-term strategic plan and is currently in a stage of rapid development. Individuals are responsible for developing new markets, developing new customers, and expanding the scope of product sales;

Company treatment:
Basic salary + commission + bonus (specifically negotiable, the stronger the ability, the higher the treatment);



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