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R&D strength
10 years of R&D and production experience, more than 20 elites in various fields form a R&D team
Design each cooling fan according to aerodynamics and fluid mechanics
From factory direct sales to customers, there is no middleman to make the difference, and the products are cost-effective

Quality Management
Raw materials meet ROSH requirements, with a 10-year mature quality control process system
Introduce advanced production equipment and scientific management to ensure product quality
Obtained a number of national inventions and utility model patents The finished product rate of the pipe is controlled at more than 98%

Custom development
Customization experience of more than 1100 customers and development and design experience of more than 280 customers
According to your product, complete machine customization from sizing, appearance design, performance evaluation, etc.
design? noise? Air volume life water proof All problems are solved for you

After-sale service
Pre-sales and after-sales technical support, choose suitable cooling products - time saving
Follow up the whole process, follow up the whole process of delivery, production and delivery, and the customer can control the order process at any time
Immediate response, fast delivery in 3-7 days, samples available in 1 day - rest assured



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