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Enterprise Spirit:
Humble learning, responsible cooperation, careful planning, efficient execution

Work Guidelines:
Understanding is more important than intelligence; speed comes from power.

Corporate Values:
A successful mission is not just "win-win"
But all participants can "benefit".

Company Vision:
Become an excellent global company, driven by outstanding performance and innovative spirit, committed to helping customers succeed, and become their preferred strategic partner

Quality Policy:
Excellent quality and thoughtful service

Quality Target:
Customer Satisfaction ≥ 96 %

We promise:
Starting from understanding the needs of customers, to the efficient operation of all links to the final delivery and service, customer satisfaction is the highest goal from beginning to end; through continuous improvement and development of ourselves, we can continuously and stably provide products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations!

Environmental Policy:
Abide by laws and regulations, give priority to pollution prevention, make full use of resources, produce green products, undertake social responsibility, and continuously improve the environment

This environmental policy is our company's action guideline, and all employees should abide by it. Therefore, the company will communicate to each employee in various ways, so that employees can understand, implement and supervise our commitment, so that it can be fully realized!



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