Car charging pile

Electric vehicle charging piles can be divided into two types: AC charging piles and DC charging piles. The AC charging pile is installed outside the electric vehicle and connected to the AC power grid to provide AC power supply for the electric vehicle car charger; the DC charging pile is fixedly installed outside the electric vehicle and connected to the AC power grid to provide power batteries for electric vehicles The power supply device of the low-power DC power supply, the DC charging pile has the function of a charger, and can monitor and control the state of the charged battery in real time. The AC-DC integrated charging pile is a "combination" of AC charging piles and DC charging piles, that is, it can be used for AC charging of electric vehicles or DC charging of electric vehicles, which can satisfy the simultaneous charging of two electric vehicles. Adopt the high-quality cooling fan of Shenzhen Delta Electromechanical to continuously radiate the charging pile and maintain the safe operation of the motherboard! Shentaida cooling fan has the characteristics of high vibration resistance, dustproof, low heat generation, large air volume, long life, good stability and so on!

Advantages of electric vehicle charging pile scheme design:
LCD screen: Wide temperature industrial LCD screen with high brightness and wide viewing angle;
Touch control: high-quality resistive touch screen is selected, which can prevent free and failure under frequent use and dusty environment. And can continue to work if the surface is scratched;
Storage: It is mainly used to install operating systems and store advertisements. It adopts industrial-grade solid-state hard drives, which have the characteristics of high vibration resistance, dustproof, and low heat generation. It is designed to be fixed with the motherboard to avoid factors such as system instability;
Power supply: Use 220V power input, and can choose wide voltage power supply.
Structure: According to needs and its environment, the chassis is made of aluminum alloy panel + sheet metal back cover, which has the characteristics of sturdiness, good seismic performance, fast heat dissipation, dustproof and splash proof, etc. The panel is directly made of aluminum alloy brushed grain or fine sand grain Silver gray oxidation treatment, does not absorb heat in the sun, so as not to overheat the temperature in summer, the internal temperature can not be dispersed. The controller will be installed in an embedded manner, requiring the front panel to achieve IP65 protection, the back cover can have appropriate cooling holes, a cooling fan, and the installation is fixed by 4 buckles.
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